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Enduro 2016


Round Club Date
1 Wagga Wagga 01/05/2016
2 Albury
3 Temora 26/06/2016
4 Leeton 07/08/216
5 Leeton 21/08/2016
6 Tumbarumba 18/09/2016


If racing cross country through tight bush trails and fast open tracks appeals to you, then you should consider enduro riding. It's a case of rider and bike versus the elements in events ranging from casual trail rides to Australian Championship events. Many enduro events have standard requirements, registered and adequately silenced motorcycles, clothing and licence requirements. © MNSW

Important: 2013 Junior Changes - Basically this means that as of 1-7-13

All juniors must have the endorsement printed on their licence to be able to enter on that bike size. Having it signed off in the log book will not be accepted. It must be printed on your licence. Please read memo or go to noticeboard on www.motorcycling.com.au

Note: From 2014 you must own a mylaps mx-flex transponder to be Scored, buy from www.mylaps.com - OR - are kept in stock for purchase at Wagga Motorcycles.

New Helmet Rules:

2015 Directive from Motorcycling NSW, from 14.8.2015 only helmets with Australian Standards sticker AS1698 can be used, Snell and Dot standards do not comply. Go to Motorcycling NSW web site for information

Race Info: see Host Club Websites / Contacts / Entries / etc : Click CLUBS INFO


Results: Live Updates: 2016 - LEAPING LOG : ALL RESULTS

Rnd.1 1/5 Wagga : Completed : SPEEDHIVE - EN Rd1 Wagga RESULTS
Rnd.2 22/5 Albury : Cancelled
Rnd.3 26/6 Temora : Cancelled
Rnd.4 7/8 Leeton : Wet Cancelled, click LMCC Website
Rnd.5 21/8 Leeton : Completed : SPEEDHIVE - EN Rd5 Leeton JUNIOR SENIOR
Rnd.6 18/9 Tumbarumba : Wet Cancelled

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