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Dirt Track 2014

1 1st March Wagga
2 6th April Temora
3 27th July Wyalong
4 3rd August Temora
5 24th August Wyalong
6 13th September Griffith
Dirt Track
This is yet another branch of motorcycle sport for the off-road enthusiast. It's conducted on closed tracks that can be oval or kidney shaped and surfaced with graded dirt or grass. All you need to get started is a suitable motocross bike or more specialised dirt track machine called a slider, a set of treaded or universal tyres, and the appropriate riding gear.  © MNSW
Important: GOLDEN WHEELS - Dirt Track Riders 
Change to Name of the Old Bike Class - Now Pre-85 not Classic Bike Class. 
Pre-85 Brakes Ruling - All riders who intend competing in the up to 250cc and Over 250cc Pre-85 'Classic' must comply with ruling on page 195 in the 2012 Manual of Motorcycle Sport, which states all machines must have 2-working-brakes. Bikes will be checked at Scrutineering for compliance.
Clarification on Pre-85 Brakes Ruling - If at the time of manufacture the machine was fitted with two working brakes then both brakes must be fitted and in working order to pass scrutineering for Golden Wheels Pre-85 Classes.
Reminder - Entrants in the Sidecar-Class in the Golden Wheels Dirt Track Series in 2012 onwards.
Every Sidecar-Passenger must be Endorsed to compete, Licences will be checked to ensure the SCP-Endorsement is on the back.
NB: There have been Changes to Dirt Track Classes for 2013 - see 2013 Guidelines 
Important: JUNIOR CHANGES - Basically this means that as of 1-7-13 
All juniors must have the endorsement printed on their licence to be able to enter on that bike size. Having it signed off in the log book will not be accepted. It must be printed on your licence. Please read memo or go to noticeboard on www.motorcycling.com.au - Cheers, Phil [24-06-13] 
Note: Commencing 2014 you must own a mylaps mx-flex transponder to be Scored, 
buy from www.mylaps.com - OR - are kept in stock for purchase at Wagga Motorcycles
RACE INFO: see Host Club Websites / Contacts / Entries / etc : Click CLUBS INFO 
Dirt Track - Golden Wheels R1 Wagga, 1st Mar, Completed PHOTOS 
Dirt Track - Golden Wheels R2 Temora, 6th Apr, Completed
Dirt Track - Golden Wheels R3 Wyalong, 27th July, Completed PHOTOS enquires Chris Grentel 
Dirt Track - Golden Wheels R4 Temora, 3rd Aug,  Completed PHOTOS enquires Chris Grentel 
Dirt Track - Golden Wheels R5 Wyalong, 24th Aug, Completed 
Dirt Track - Golden Wheels R6 Griffith, 13th Sep, Completed