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Dirt Track 2012

1 24th March Wagga
2 1st April Wyalong
3 20th May Temora
4 3rd June Wyalong
5 5th August Temora
6 9th September Griffith
Dirt Track
This is yet another branch of motorcycle sport for the off-road enthusiast. It's conducted on closed tracks that can be oval or kidney shaped and surfaced with graded dirt or grass. All you need to get started is a suitable motocross bike or more specialised dirt track machine called a slider, a set of treaded or universal tyres, and the appropriate riding gear.  © MNSW
Important Notices: GOLDEN WHEELS Dirt Track Riders 
Change to Name of the Old Bike Class - Now Pre-85 not Classic Bike Class. 
Pre-85 Brakes Ruling - All riders who intend competing in the up to 250cc and Over 250cc Pre-85 'Classic' must comply with ruling on page 195 in the 2012 Manual of Motorcycle Sport, which states all machines must have
2-working-brakes. Bikes will be checked at Scrutineering for compliance.
Clarification on Pre-85 Brakes Ruling - If at the time of manufacture the machine was fitted with two working brakes then both brakes must be fitted and in working order to pass scrutineering for Golden Wheels Pre-85 Classes.
Reminder - Entrants in the Sidecar-Class in the Golden Wheels Dirt Track Series in 2012. Every Sidecar-Passenger must be Endorsed to compete, Licences will be checked to ensure the SCP-Endorsement is on the back.
2012 Notices:
PRINT your own PROGRAM :
2012-[ALL-SERIES-GUIDELINES].pdf - see 
Golden Wheels Rnd.1 Wagga - POINTS - Photos 
Golden Wheels Rnd.2 Wyalong - POINTS - Photos
Golden Wheels Rnd.3 Temora - POINTS - Photos
Golden Wheels Rnd.5 Temora - POINTS - Photos 
Golden Wheels Rnd.4 Wyalong - POINTS
Golden Wheels Rnd.6 Griffith - POINTS 
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